Maxus is a brand of commercial, passenger and electric vehicles belonging to the SAIC Motor group, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in China. In Chile and under the representation of Andes Motor, Maxus offers a variety of models designed to adapt to the needs of customers and companies in different sectors, such as transportation and logistics. It currently has the largest range of electric vehicles in the country. Maxus has established itself as a recognized brand in the Chilean market for offering vehicles with high standards of quality, technology and safety, supported by a wide network of distributors and after-sales services throughout the country.

Iveco is a commercial vehicle brand of European origin. In Chile, it is imported by Andes Motor and exhibits a wide catalog for the cargo and passenger vehicle market thanks to its product portfolio that ranges from cargo and passenger transport vans to trucks of multiple sizes and capacities, which can be used for urban, highway and work delivery. Iveco stands out for its commitment to innovation and technology with advanced safety systems, efficient engines and different solutions that allow more efficient and safer fleet management. Iveco has a network of dealers and technical services distributed throughout the national territory, guaranteeing quality after-sales service and personalized attention to its customers.

Foton is the largest truck manufacturer in China and the leader in the light truck segment in that country. This brand of commercial and cargo vehicles has been represented in Chile by Andes Motor since 2012 and has a robust range of automotive solutions, including light, medium and heavy trucks. Their models stand out for their high load capacity and good price-quality ratio. In addition, Foton is the main supplier of electric buses for the urban transportation system in Chile with more than 1,350 units circulating in its capital city, Santiago.

SANY is the largest machinery manufacturer in China and the fifth largest producer worldwide. It has operated in Chile since 2019 under the representation of Andes Motor, offering a wide range of products focused on sectors such as construction, mining, ports, energy and agriculture, among others. Its equipment is characterized by its advanced technology, high quality, high efficiency and low operating costs. Sany has a wide range of high quality heavy equipment with competitive prices and solid support.

Agrale is an important Brazilian manufacturer founded in 1962. It has a strong presence in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. To date it has sold more than a million products. In Chile, Agrale offers an interesting range of chassis for microbuses that operate in various corners of the country thanks to the management of Andes Motor. In addition, it sells buses with bodies from important brands in the sector.

Karry is a Chinese manufacturer founded by the Chery Holding group in 2009. The brand imported by Andes Motor specializes in the production of light commercial vehicles that are characterized by their modern and functional design, their versatility and good performance in terms of performance and efficiency. Karry is an excellent alternative for entrepreneurs, e-commerce and companies in general that need a citytruck capable of adapting easily and quickly to various functions.

Kaiyi is a young and innovative company founded in 2014, which is supported by the Chinese group Chery Holding. Brand represented and distributed by Andes Motor in Chile. Kaiyi offers connected, intelligent and attractive cars for young people and those who embody that youthful spirit. Currently, in Chile it offers an SUV model and, in the short term, the brand's portfolio will include sedans and electric vehicles.

Jetour is a brand represented in Chile by Andes Motor and, internationally, belongs to the Chery Group. Founded in 2018, Jetour is established as a young, innovative and premium brand. Its product catalog is made up of various SUV alternatives that incorporate technology, exhibit attractive designs and provide complete equipment aimed at comfort and safety.